The 2016 European Le Mans Series

JOTA Sport is the racing division of the Jota Group and a force to be reckoned with on the professional racing circuit. Past victories ensure first-class credentials in delivering success in sportscar racing, both in the UK and globally. Jota Sport specialises in the full spectrum of preparation, management and commercialisation of both private and corporate motorsports programmes.

The Gibson 015S LMP2 car


The Gibson 015S LMP2 racer was initially known as the Zytek Z11SN and made its debut in 2011 Its history stretches even further back, as it was based on the Zytek Z07S. The family of Zytek designs were penned by renowned designer Tim Holloway, who continues to be heavily involved with the car in his role as chief engineer for JOTA Sport.

In 2012 JOTA entered its Nissan powered Zytek Z11SN in to the Le Mans Series and so began a successful run of appearances and results in Europe’s premier LMP2 championship.

In 2014 and 2015 JOTA narrowly missed out on the ELMs titles despite usually being the class of the field. For ’15 the car had been substantially developed and also became known as the Gibson 015S in deference to Bill Gibson who founded initially Zytek and then a newly branded company called Gibson Technology.





Carbon-fibre composite monocoque



Nissan V8 N/A



Ricardo 6-speed semi-automatic








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